Good Deeds for the Day

Today I finally signed up for a digital subscription to the New York Times, the paper that dared to publish a partial Trump tax return.  So much news is free online, I have to admit I’ve been a bit of a cheapskate about paying for news.  But it’s time to step up and give more than lip service to help support robust  investigative journalism in our country.  Trump has stated that he’ll make it easier to sue newspapers for libel and he is notorious in being unable to handle dissent or criticism.  This subscription is one way to help support our First Amendment right to a free press.

Today I also sent Planned Parenthood a small donation — in the name of VP-elect Mike Pence.  Pence and other GOP anti-abortion extremists repeatedly threat the funding for Planned Parenthood even though a majority of PP’s services are not related to abortion.  PP provides critical heathcare, such as gynecological exams, STD testing and treatment, and contraceptives, often for the poorest among us.  My donation helps support Planned Parenthood and puts Pence in his place.

Will you join me in these good deeds for the day?  Done en masse, these kinds of small acts of #Resistance will go a long way!