Demagogue Elect

dem·a·gogue (deməˌɡäɡ/) –
a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason
When even Time magazine – hardly a tabloid rag – starts using the word “demagogue” to describe Trump, will people pay attention?
This piece reminds us that Trump “sanctioned violence at his rallies and threatened to imprison his opponent. He threatened the independent press with libel actions and has barred the press from covering him. He has said he would force generals to comply with unlawful orders (for instance, regarding torture) and has threatened to abrogate alliances with treaty partners. And he has done all of these things while stoking prejudices, rage and fear in a way paralleled in our history only by other inarguable demagogues. And his transition so far has been an unsettling parade of erratic and autocratic decisions.”
During the campaign many critics warned that Trump was running for dictator, not President.  Sadly, our Demagogue Elect shows no signs of having chanced since November 8.