To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Trump and his Twitter account continue to reveal the inner workings of his mind – and it ain’t pretty.

Thin skinned as ever, he tweeted a complaint about the NY Times, while at the same time cancelling a scheduled interview with them.  Of course, a President Elect attacking one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world via Twitter is #NotNormal. But this is more nefarious as it dovetails with Trump’s repeated attacks on the media and his failure to offer transparency to the press corp during his transition to office — the first steps toward more seriously harming our precious #FreedomofthePress.

He’s also childishly tweeted complaints about SNL’s skits mocking him — thank you, Alec Baldwin — and about the Hamilton cast’s impassioned message for equality when Mike Pence was in attendance at the mega-hit Broadway show.  (A show, afterall, that celebrates the contributions of immigrants to America.)  Yet, when it comes to speaking out against his white supremacist supporters — who were recently recorded giving the Nazi salute and shouting “Hail Trump!”– Der Trump relied on a stiff message from a spokesperson.  Apparently hatred and bigotry are just was not worth tweeting about.