Captain Twit Freak vs. China

Capt. Twit Freak keeps picking a fight with China and keeps getting his facts wrong. No, they are not devaluing the Yuan. The exact opposite.

And, as usual, the real problem is that Trump is as thin-skinned as they come. He can’t handle the fact that he got tricked into a diplomatic blunder by having a phone call with the leader of Taiwan. So, his response to being caught being a doofus is to cover his tracks by firing off a half-baked missive via Twitter — which might be forgivable if he were (i) just some half-crazy billionaire with a reality show instead of US Pres Elect, and (ii) actually trying to learn what he needs to know to do his damn job without getting us blown up instead of refusing most of the daily intelligence briefings he’s offered (who needs actual information and facts when you have Alex Jones on speed dial).

Based on the mortal danger of giving this guy access to the nuclear codes alone, the electoral college should dump his orange ass. But that won’t happen because willful ignorance has become a cultural norm — maybe a cultural imperative — for much of the GOP fan base. The emperor has no freaking clothes on, but they continue to fawn over his sartorial brilliance. #NotFreakingNornal#NoClothes