Blackmail, Russian Style

Not worried about the whole Russiagate thing yet?  Then read this Daily Beast article and see how truly plausible it is that the next POTUS will be a puppet of Russia.  The DB article has many details and sources, but here’s the gist:  (1) RNC emails were hacked by Russia, but (2) have not been disclosed like the DNC emails were, (3) meaning that whatever dirt — ranging possibly from merely embarrassing to illegal — might be in the RNC emails is in Putin’s possession, and (4) Putin could well be exacting cooperation and concessions from Trump and the GOP with whatever dark secrets lurk in those emails as leverage.  Note that it was separately reported by the WaPo, LA Times and others back in July that it was Trump’s team who pressured the GOP into softening its anti-Russia/pro-Ukraine platform language.  Suddenly Trump’s consistently pro-Russia stance (which threatens NATO) takes on a whole new, terrifying light.