A Message to Irrational Hillary Haters: You Did Us In

Some days when I wake up in Trump’s America, I just want to cry. I really feel that those of us who did not support Comrade Drumpf — the majority by 2.5 million — were literally betrayed by those who ignored the stench of his perpetual sh** and pushed that lever in the voting booth — “Trump for President of the United States” — just because you couldn’t stomach Hillary.

That’s not all Trump voters. Some of you had other reasons. But let’s be honest here, just among friends. For many it was that she just wasn’t perfect enough for you. You could never forgive her for sticking with Bill — you chose to judge their marriage as being a politically expedient lie, though no outsider can really know the inner workings of any marriage (oh, but you’re so much smarter than everyone else). You could never give her a f***ing break for being guarded and private after having been mercilessly vilified for every sideways glance for the past 30 years.

Do you even know that she had policies and proposals for everything under the sun that might have mattered to anyone? Jobs, homelessness, healthcare, terrorism, mental health, animal f***ing welfare for god sake — but it wasn’t enough compared with . . . What? The endless stream of vulgarities and provocations from Trump? His “I’m gonna fix it but won’t tell you how” bullsh** promises? What a shame she wasn’t good enough to counter the glory of the grand lump of steaming hot sh** that Trump produced daily on his golden throne. She was only whip smart, only uniquely well-qualified, only brave and classy enough to jump into the fray of our dysfunctional politics with her head held up. Not good enough. You still had to put the groper in chief and his KKKronies in the White House.

Boy, that’s just sad. And — though I’m working every day to fight the corrupt and hateful values of the Trump regime and will continue to do so — some days, like today, I just want to let you all know how very, very wrong you were and that by handing our democracy over to a pack of liars and thieves — because of your irrational hatred for her — you will hurt many people.


To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Trump and his Twitter account continue to reveal the inner workings of his mind – and it ain’t pretty.

Thin skinned as ever, he tweeted a complaint about the NY Times, while at the same time cancelling a scheduled interview with them.  Of course, a President Elect attacking one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world via Twitter is #NotNormal. But this is more nefarious as it dovetails with Trump’s repeated attacks on the media and his failure to offer transparency to the press corp during his transition to office — the first steps toward more seriously harming our precious #FreedomofthePress.


He’s also childishly tweeted complaints about SNL’s skits mocking him — thank you, Alec Baldwin — and about the Hamilton cast’s impassioned message for equality when Mike Pence was in attendance at the mega-hit Broadway show.  (A show, afterall, that celebrates the contributions of immigrants to America.)  Yet, when it comes to speaking out against his white supremacist supporters — who were recently recorded giving the Nazi salute and shouting “Hail Trump!”– Der Trump relied on a stiff message from a spokesperson.  Apparently hatred and bigotry are just was not worth tweeting about.

http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/team-trump-offers-vague-rebuke-white-supremacist-gathering?cid=sm_fb_maddow    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o6-bi3jlxk

Trump’s Island of Misfit Toys

Trump adminstration picks are shaping up as a scary island of misfit toys. Jeff Sessions, the AG pick, was dinged for federal judgeship by a REPUBLICAN led Senate Judiciary Committee for being a racist. Mike Flynn, tapped to be National Security Advisor, was dismissed from the Pentagon’s top intelligence post after saying Islam is a “sick” religion and calling for HRC to be in jail. Steve Bannon, already widely panned as the pick for White House Chief Strategist, is a known promoter of white supremacist groups. No one but the alt right guys can be happy with these nominees. #NotMyPresident

Updated to add a piece on this very topic from Nicolas Kristof:


Why Trump Looks More Like a Despot Every Day

Let’s connect the dots on our despot in the wings. #NotMyPresident

Trump no longer gives a mere wink and a nod to the Alt Right. He’s appointing Steve Bannon, one of the Alt Right’s leading promoters, as his second lieutenant. Bannon runs a media outlet that provides a huge bullhorn through which the Trump White House can continue to incite his most rabid followers. (Columns I’ve read this week warn of Breitbart becoming the new “state owned media” of the U.S.)

We know the GOP establishment cannot control Trump. They spent $110 million on Jeb’s campaign to be met with a pathetic defeat. They next anointed Rubio as the chosen one only to watch him also quickly fail. The mighty Kochs stayed on the sidelines, and all the GOP royalty opposed him, to no avail.

What about the GOP faithful? Most run of the mill Republicans didn’t favor Trump at first, but they have come a long way toward normalizing him now that he’s won the primary and general elections. Maybe it’s just capitulation. The reasonable and sane GOP citizenry also haven’t been able to control Trump – or overrule his followers – ever.

Then there’s Trump’s wealth, which insulates him from legal accountability and adds further to his overall power. What do you get when you combine a billionaire with the biggest military and nuclear arsenal in the world? Sounds like the set up for a joke, but it’s not. What you get is someone with almost endless resources and insuperable might — combined.

Also consider that Trump will have control of the very agencies that might once have reined him in. His appointed head of the IRS will be overseeing his (apparently interminable) tax audits. His DOJ, the highest level of law enforcement in the country, will be doing the bidding of a flagrantly corrupt and lawless person.

And it almost goes without saying that we cannot just hope and pray that Trump will control himself. He’s shown that he is almost singularly self-interested and self-promoting. And he is morally and intellectually insubstantial, maybe not even able to distinguish what is true and honorable, but certainly not inclined to care.

So, what are our firewalls? Our First Amendment rights of speech and free assembly – which he’s sure to try to curtail. (Give now to the ACLU if you haven’t already. I’m a monthly donor now.) The courts, which thankfully cannot all be co-opted by his executive power or bought by his wealth, but which move slowly. The sane, stable governments of the world, which hopefully can exercise some leverage against his most extreme tendencies – though they face their own populist and nationalistic rebellions.

And us. You, me and others who see that without an impassioned defense, the history we are writing, right now, may well be about how the Amercan experiment finally ends.

Trump’s hands may be small, but his thumb is huge and its full weight is on the scale that holds our future in the balance. Get involved, get outraged. And stay that way. ‘Til the bitter end.

Save the Constitution!

Democrats urgently need to engage and win politically at the state level.  The GOP controls both houses of 33 state legislatures. It would take 38 to ratify a constitutional amendment. That’s pretty scary.  Don’t let the Trump/Pence/Bannon vision gets crystallized into our Constitution!


The Manual on Fighting Hate

This is an outstanding primer from the Southern Poverty Law Center on how to fight hate. First item: Act. “Do something. In the face of hatred, apathy will be interpreted as acceptance — by the perpetrators, the public and, worse, the victims. Decent people must take action; if we don’t, hate persists.”


Just Say No

Everyone, from Obama on down, can stop trying to normalize this situation NOW. I do not want to hear “keep an open mind” or “give him a chance” or “it’s all good” one bloody more time. Xenophobia, homophobia, pathological lying, and p***y grabbing misogyny won last week — and they are moving into our country’s beautiful White House soon. I am incredibly sad that Hillary lost — but I am even more terrified and outraged that Trump/Pence/Bannon won. If this were Star Wars, this would be the part where Alderaan just got blown up by the Empire’s Death Star. The bad guys are winning, people. Normalization is a drug – Just Say No.