A Message to Irrational Hillary Haters: You Did Us In

Some days when I wake up in Trump’s America, I just want to cry. I really feel that those of us who did not support Comrade Drumpf — the majority by 2.5 million — were literally betrayed by those who ignored the stench of his perpetual sh** and pushed that lever in the voting booth — “Trump for President of the United States” — just because you couldn’t stomach Hillary.

That’s not all Trump voters. Some of you had other reasons. But let’s be honest here, just among friends. For many it was that she just wasn’t perfect enough for you. You could never forgive her for sticking with Bill — you chose to judge their marriage as being a politically expedient lie, though no outsider can really know the inner workings of any marriage (oh, but you’re so much smarter than everyone else). You could never give her a f***ing break for being guarded and private after having been mercilessly vilified for every sideways glance for the past 30 years.

Do you even know that she had policies and proposals for everything under the sun that might have mattered to anyone? Jobs, homelessness, healthcare, terrorism, mental health, animal f***ing welfare for god sake — but it wasn’t enough compared with . . . What? The endless stream of vulgarities and provocations from Trump? His “I’m gonna fix it but won’t tell you how” bullsh** promises? What a shame she wasn’t good enough to counter the glory of the grand lump of steaming hot sh** that Trump produced daily on his golden throne. She was only whip smart, only uniquely well-qualified, only brave and classy enough to jump into the fray of our dysfunctional politics with her head held up. Not good enough. You still had to put the groper in chief and his KKKronies in the White House.

Boy, that’s just sad. And — though I’m working every day to fight the corrupt and hateful values of the Trump regime and will continue to do so — some days, like today, I just want to let you all know how very, very wrong you were and that by handing our democracy over to a pack of liars and thieves — because of your irrational hatred for her — you will hurt many people.

Just Say No

Everyone, from Obama on down, can stop trying to normalize this situation NOW. I do not want to hear “keep an open mind” or “give him a chance” or “it’s all good” one bloody more time. Xenophobia, homophobia, pathological lying, and p***y grabbing misogyny won last week — and they are moving into our country’s beautiful White House soon. I am incredibly sad that Hillary lost — but I am even more terrified and outraged that Trump/Pence/Bannon won. If this were Star Wars, this would be the part where Alderaan just got blown up by the Empire’s Death Star. The bad guys are winning, people. Normalization is a drug – Just Say No.

Good Deeds for the Day

Today I finally signed up for a digital subscription to the New York Times, the paper that dared to publish a partial Trump tax return.  So much news is free online, I have to admit I’ve been a bit of a cheapskate about paying for news.  But it’s time to step up and give more than lip service to help support robust  investigative journalism in our country.  Trump has stated that he’ll make it easier to sue newspapers for libel and he is notorious in being unable to handle dissent or criticism.  This subscription is one way to help support our First Amendment right to a free press.

Today I also sent Planned Parenthood a small donation — in the name of VP-elect Mike Pence.  Pence and other GOP anti-abortion extremists repeatedly threat the funding for Planned Parenthood even though a majority of PP’s services are not related to abortion.  PP provides critical heathcare, such as gynecological exams, STD testing and treatment, and contraceptives, often for the poorest among us.  My donation helps support Planned Parenthood and puts Pence in his place.

Will you join me in these good deeds for the day?  Done en masse, these kinds of small acts of #Resistance will go a long way!

Gratitude for Amazing Friends

I am filled with gratitude for the friends who have been in touch over the last few days, in #Solidarity, whether on Facebook, via private message, or in person. Knowing that so many like-minded, plain ol’ ordinary folks — women and men, Millenials, parents, retirees, grandparents, gay, straight, black, white and brown, artists, lawyers, writers, teachers, scientists, business owners, Christians, Muslims, Jews, secular humanists, scholars, students, nurses, and caregivers — have become political activists in opposition to Trump gives me strength, hope and courage every day.

In fact, there is nothing ordinary about these individuals. They are amazing — smart, energetic, and committed to ensuring that our country remains safe and sane. Together we will fight on — and prevail! #LoveTrumpsHate

Betrayal by Women Who Voted for Trump

Borrowing this from a friend who speaks my truth on this, too:

I feel betrayed by every woman who voted for Trump.

If you know me even a little, you will know I am an avid advocate of women’s rights–political, social, and economic equality.

To know that even one of you could vote for this rabid sexual assaulter, this man who degrades women in the lowest, most base and vile manner, is a personal insult and affront. What have you told yourself, and taught your daughters, your sons, and others, about what is acceptable treatment of women?

If you can’t understand this, consider the comfortable seat of white privilege from which you sit. Consider that statistically speaking, you know several women who have been sexually assaulted. You have just slapped us in the face.

Even so, I will not unfriend you. I hope you read these articles with an eye of inward scrutiny and external awakening to the experiences of women around you and beyond. It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand of your white, privileged, conservative, self-made bubble.

We will prevail.

How to Support #TheResistance

#TheResistance. Here’s a list of organizations you can donate your time and/or money to.  Let’s commit to supporting these groups to combat the damage that will be wrought by a Trump Presidency.
Deeds Not Words — a community for action-oriented women that encourages them to be change-makers
To help protect civil rights:
American Civil Liberties Union
Anti-Defamation League
Southern Poverty Law Center
NAACP & their Legal Defense Fund
Council on American-Islamic Relations

To help protect women’s reproductive rights:
Planned Parenthood
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Center for Reproductive Rights

To help protect immigrants and refugees:
Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)
National Immigration Law Center
American Immigration Council
Welcoming America
CARA Family Detention Pro Bono project

To help protect the LGBTQ community:
Human Rights Campaign
Trevor Project

To help protect our kids:
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Being Black at School

To help protect our planet:
League of Conservation Voters
NextGen Climate Action
Sierra Club

Hate Unleashed

Sharing anonymously. These events took place in Boston.  It hurts my heart to hear stories like this.

“Walking home from the train tonight, I was a few steps behind a young Muslim mother pushing her adorable little nugget in his stroller. She was chatting on her phone and laughing so loud – one of those super infectious laughs that make you smile – when some fucking douchebag peels out of a side street and nearly hits her. He slams on his brakes, rolls down his window, and tells her to get out of his way or go back to Iraq. …. I walked beside that woman for another two blocks talking to her about her son and her family before she turned up her street to go home. Her parents fled to America from Iran when she was three years old. She has a Ph.D. in mathematics, two sons, a loving husband, and an American passport.”