Grubhub & Penzeys Deserve our Support

In business it’s easy to “go along to get along” because no one wants to risk lost sales.  But two prominent businesses are bravely choosing to stand against Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

Immediately after the election, the CEO of GrubHub, an online food ordering and delivery service operating in over 1000 cities, sent his employees a message reminding them that behavior demeaning to minorities, immigrants and the disabled would not be tolerated at his company.

The owner of Penzeys, a purveyor of fine spices and other items of the home kitchen, has also taken a courageous stance against Trump’s racist rhetoric, even urging those who voted for Trump to make amends by donating to civil rights organizations.

GrubHub and Penzeys are acting in good conscience to reject hate — and so we should show them some love!